Day Eleven: MIT and Bad Art

They have the train running from Ashmont to JFK again. Going to ride this one all the way out to the MIT Museum of Technology.

Having my first coffee in days. It's hot, and it's 90ºF out. Should've gotten iced.

Wandered into a Cambridge used book store. Did you know they let Shatner write novels?

Couldn't finish the Dunkin' Donuts coffee. I wonder if my tastes are off, or if it's actually substandard.


The MIT Museum is wonderful. It's full of old and new tech, much of it robotics. The holography display was the best I'd seen - OMSI's demonstrations have nothing on their holograms.

It's also surprisingly cheap compared to the other museums I'd been in - $3 for youths or students.

The gift display had a book I was tempted to purchase, Robo Sapiens, about emergent AI and modern robotics. This seems hypocritical coming from a Museum that has poor Kismet's severed head on display.

Put the camera to good use, and figured out how to use its video function.


The Bombardier Corporation that built our old MAX trains also built a lot of the MBTA cars.

It's odd how much differences in announcement can throw me off. Much of the stops have to be announced by the operator, and it's always all in English. I'm without my recorded English-Spanish mantra. And which doors will open? Which?!

The few times they do say which doors will open, it's always "to YOUR right", too.


Went with David to the Museum of Bad Art. Some of the art there is truly, truly atrocious. They're tucked into a basement room beside the men's toilets in the Dedham Community Theater (which isn't a non-profit, oddly), and only have enough space to display 20-40 pieces of their 200+ strong collection. If there was ever a museum in need of government or corporate sponsorship, this is they. Alas, their souvenirs must be purchased online.

Later we went to a fairly upscale Italian place, where I had good pasta and the best blueberry cobbler I'd ever tasted. Lady a table over loudly expressed her utter contempt and disgust for people that "have no money! THEY HAVE NO MONEY!"


People out here actually have good taste in what they blast from their car stereos.

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Gah ... my first real impression of Boston was the nauseating smell of burnt Dunkin' Donuts coffee and diesel fuel. We'd just gotten off a redeye from Portland to Logan and were changing MTBA trains. There was an old round newspaper stand that had been converted to a Dunkin' donuts stand between two train platforms. After a long night and no sleep, the smell hit like a baseball bat. Ugh.

I loved the rest of my visit, but I'll never ever get that memory out of my head. :-)

Thursday, August 30, 2007 at 3:23:00 PM PDT  

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