Much of this Museum is oriented towards children and educating them about science. More than just toss contextless facts at them, the Museum actually tries to instill a fascination with the world and explain the principles of scientific investigation. I'm in a section about Natural Mysteries currently, where one is shown how and encouraged to look for evidence and use it to solve a mystery. When you enter, there's a small abandoned schoolhouse built into the wall. You're told to discover when the last day of school was, when it was abandoned, and other things from its contents and surroundings.

Right now I'm in a remarkable taxidermy exhibit. There are stuffed creatures (most of them real, I think) of all sorts. There's two bears, several big cats, a wall full of gazelle, water buffalo, antelope, and similar heads, and drawer upon drawer full of excellent specimens. Thankfully, the Museum does not frown upon photography.

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