Day Nine: Faneuil Market

Left at noon with David to pick up the Alamo Theater's order of confections. The confection company's warehouse is the most sugar I've seen in one place at a time, with such highlight as chocolate escargot and chocolate 'it's a girl!' cigars (females don't warrant actual tobacco apparently).

Over the last couple decades, Harvard's been stealthily and aggressively buying up land on the outskirts of Boston.

Dropped off at Faneuil Square/Quincy Market. Started walking around and promptly became very disoriented.

There's a breakdancing troupe with quite an audience fifty feet away from where I'm sitting. It's probably far too hip for me.

The camera shop Google Earth told me is here is closed down while they gut the building it's in.

Might visit Bunker Hill after I've found some food here.

Boston also has a free WiFi cloud in this area.

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