Day One: Livin' La Vida Lucre

The most alien thing about this trip is the sheer amounts of money my aunt's side of the family has. This house, which I'd assumed was the family house, was actually built by my aunt's father for her. This thing could house five people with no trouble. I will post pictures of the property later. The coast is about 3/4th of a mile away.

A glossy magazine I thought to be some generic fashion magazine turns out to be the local news. This is the littlest bit obscene.

It is humid like I have never felt humid.

There's a surprising lack of things to eat and drink (that are non-alcoholic). If I was living in this house I'd have a frige and pantry full to bursting.

Lots of emergency vehicle sirens. For a town like Amagansett this is probably unusual. Or it's the normal rush of EMTs to treat high-grade heroin overdoses.

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