Day Twelve: North End

Had sandwiches from a local shop at a nearby pond with David. The pond has a sizable duck and goose population, which advanced upon us en masse when we sat down. If screaming kids throwing bread hadn't diverted them, I might not be alive now.

There's a poster in one station with the lyrics and history of Charlie's story.

Just from watching television for a while here I've got commercials stuck in my head. I wonder how much of the general population's brain is taken up by terrible ads.


I'm finally in the North End of Boston, currently sitting in front of a marble plaque from 1954 declaring this particular ristorante a Gastronomic Landmark.


One thing Portland has over other cities: plentiful public water fountains downtown.


Highlights on the way back: a 1940s Ford pick-up painted with hot rod flames.


It's just a suspicion, but I don't think 'I <3 Jesus' is a legal license plate replacement.


Photographed the old Baker Chocolate Factory on the way home. They're being converted into apartments and condominiums, and David considered getting a place there a ways back.

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