Day Two: Crisis in NY

After waiting outside the room for about an hour, David called the manager (a Mr. Yan, who is not Korean as I expected) and he gave me a keycard. I share the elevator with the same congenial hotel employee that saved us from a $110 parking fine (I forget ticketers even exist in Portland, but they're the only type of police I've seen in New York so far).

However, there is no evidence of Martin even having been in the room, and his iPhone was forgotten in the car. David still hasn't found parking (never, ever take a U-Haul trailer into New York - just hire movers, no matter what distance or difficulty is involved), and is trying very hard not to panic. Martin doesn't seem to be anywhere in the hotel. My suspicion and hope is that he's at some deli around the corner getting something to eat, though ordering room service would have made more sense. Still, being teenagers, we don't do the sensible or safe thing.

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