Day Two Point Five: Last Minute Sentences

It's one thing to read that a city has more people in it than your entire state does, and it's another thing to actually feel it. I'm still soaking in just how huge NYC is.

The fridge in our room advertises that if we spend $15 we get another $15 of refreshments free. This isn't terribly hard since they charge $3.26 for a coke.

I didn't even consider that the hotel might actually charge people for using the WiFi. They don't that I can tell (given I was using it before they had any way to charge me), but the idea was alien to me. Another thing I prefer about Portland.

I've just realized how lacking my basic East Coast geography was. I thought Boston was south of New York.

Poland Spring is the dominant bottled water here. It's actually good as far as bottled water goes. Unlike Aquafina, it doesn't taste outright of tap water.

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All is well in your hometown. It's still cool and drizzles in the morning. Thurber misses you and so do I. Terry got an interview at OHSU. Unless he said something really stupid he'll be working with me, which is supercool.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007 at 9:34:00 PM PDT  

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