PDX Airport

Boarding consisted of standing in line to use a cryptic, ATM-like machine that would summon up imps to rend your flesh if you pushed the wrong buttons. Security people were surprisingly helpful and swift. Made mistake of wearing belt with gigantic metal buckle.

Now in terminal area. Food and drinks all naturally overpriced. The Godiva mocha drinks I can get at the Vietnamese store near the house for 1.20 are 3.00 here, and it's 5.00 for what certain sources tell me may be food.

Fellow passengers are colorful. Potential screaming child count is thankfully low.

Travelmart book selection is terrifyingly bland. I have brought Crooked Little Vein with me, which with the delirium of air travel should appear to me in vivid hallucinations.

All liquids and nutrients on the plane must be purchased in flight, effectively combining the worst qualities of both airline and train food. I must go now to hunt and gather before the flight, that I might survive being in the belly of that aluminum beast.

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