As could well be expected, there were unforeseen problems in my schedule, and of course the advisers are not in the office on Saturday.
But, with the power of Intertron™, I am able to make the changes myself while just sitting on the steps of their Medford Campus building and using its WiFi (which is conveniently right across the street from the Greyhound Bus station, which is only open in three-hour segments on weekends and holidays. Also, the normal bus does not run on Saturdays. What the crap.)

The problem was that Organic Chemistry is two parts: CH334 is the actual class, and CH337 is the lab and recitation parts. I had not signed up for CH334, which conflicted with the Why Art? University Seminar course. After re-adjusting this, I had 17 credits for the term, so World Civilizations was dropped (I'd prefer to take 110 before 111 anyways).

Thus, my new schedule:

Introduction to Organic Chemistry: It is a bloated monster of carbon bonds.

Masterpieces of Film - I know this is probably one of those deceptive classes that sounds like you can just relax in class and watch films and write a half-assed essay every month, but will probably kick my ass, but I'll take it anyways.

And the new University Seminar Honors course - Biological Issue and the Individual - It's being taught by an actual biologist, and looks promising. It involves 'evaluating scientific arguments', which is something I'm going to need in the next four years.

I'm only taking three classes and it's still 13 credits which, with my previously attained 31 from AP classes, would actually be a workable rate towards graduation each term.

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