I'm sure you're all dying to know about what's happening in the widely circulated (except in, say, the entirety of Oregon), moralistic and sports-focused comic Gil Thorp, created by Gil Thorp creator Jack Berrill (known for, amongst other achievements, creating Gil Thorp), and written for a good period of its run by sportswriter-turned-fundamentalist-whackjob Jerry B. Jenkins (known for mainly for being the talentless hack writing force behind the Left Behind series, which has all the suspense and intrigue of, well, Gil Thorp).

So what's happening in Gil Thorp as of, say, this Monday?

Women/androgynous men are giving each other knowing and evil looks, possibly discussing the Black Sox scandal that they are in the midst of perpetrating, while the hands of Dhalsim reach around from off-panel and arch in contemplation**.

*You don't actually ask, but I answer anyways.
** Or the artist has never seen a high-five in his freaking life.ª
ªOr, I don't know, they're activating their Wonder Twin powers?

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