A Day at SOU

Approx. 8 a.m.: Awaken. Lie in bed for another half hour. Finally rouse and go take a shower. Surprisingly, I've only once seen someone else taking a shower. I was worried I'd feel awkward with a public bathroom every morning, but it's rare to see someone else there.

9 a.m.: Sit checking mail, blogs, etc. Talk to Olivia. She was the unfortunate victim of another's stupidity, as the guy she was piggy-backing on decided to leap upon his longboard. She has very severe bruising to prove it.

10 a.m.: Return to dorm. Have breakfast at Cascade, consisting of pancake, fruit, potatoes, tofu-like scrambled eggs, and maple and blueberry syrup that manages to seep out and coat everything. Go off to dollar store and pick up silverware, ceramic mug.

11 a.m.: Return to dorm. Chit-chat with roommate as he puts up a Brazilian flag with ingenious application of duct tape. He heads off for a day of watching football. Olivia borrows phone for a while to tell mother her phone is smashed due to aforementioned fall. Later, requests assistance with connecting to internet, which ends up in a stalemate with her ethernet cable bizarrely locked into its port.

12-5: Day spent alternately setting up online banking for Wells Fargo, reading Comics Curmudgeon, reading The Diamond Age, discovering the carton of milk I bought has a picometer-wide crack in it causing it to slowly leak all over my roommate's fridge, transferring as much as I can to my algene bottle and drinking as much of the rest as I can.

6 p.m.: Roommate, Dan and I head off to Goodwill to pick up various things. Turns out Goodwill is closed, as is half of everything else after 6 p.m. End up in an Albertson, where all that gets bought is more tea by Dan.

6:30-8 p.m.: Lounge around watching the television in Greensprings D and drinking Dan's tea. Briefly debate nature of conservativism with Dan. Other vaguely familiar faces file in and join us watching Ninja Warrior (All Women Edition), and then Tron.

8 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.: Grand Poobah of Greensprings gives the run-down of what he will do to you if you do these things in his residence halls, ya got that, punks? Also he has a very cute doggie ohwhozagoodgirlyesyouare

8:30 to 9:00 p.m.: Do some laundry and read Diamond Age. Put laundry into dry and go to catch the very remnants of dinner, which ends up being some sort of uncontained burrito/nacho monstrosity that tastes pretty good.

9:30 to 10:45 p.m.: Return to Greensprings and join in on a game of Apples to Apples. One participant is a twig of a girl from Bay Area, California, who can't stop talking with the thick Great Lakes area accent she picked up from regular trips to visit family there. Like it seriously is more pronounced than when Tina Fey is playing Sarah Palin.

10:50 p.m.: Watch four RAs (including mine), victims of The Dart Game*, lie motionless on the floor.

11:10 p.m.: Haul laundry back to room and write this post.

*In the Dart Game, you are (if participating) capable of rendering and being rendered limp and motionless if someone makes eye contact and blows an imaginary dart at you. You are kept this way until someone, also playing the Dart Game, removes the dart. If you stop playing the Dart Game, you may never start playing it again. In some aspects, it's sort of like The Game**.

**Which you just lost.

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