An Epiphany

Watching CNN at lunch today I had a very profound and very disturbing revelation:

I don't hate George W. Bush. In a twisted way, I kind of like him.

In retrospect, it's not surprising. For the last eight years his image and his voice have been omnipresent. He's been the definition of failure and the target of mockery for all of my adolescence. He's become more strongly associated in my mind with laughter than to a political ideology I hate.

He's like the lovable, bumbling distant relative that you really, really don't want sleeping on your couch. They were right in 2000: I do want to have a beer with him, or at least his quasi-fictional image (I just don't want either in a position of authority).

So that's it. I've said it. I like George W. Bush, or at least can't hate him. When I remember this time period, I'll remember the Iraq War, New Orleans, the economic crisis, the corruption of the Justice Department, Guantanamo Bay and all the other terrible fruits of his administration. But when I remember him specifically I'll remember him trying to give a backrub to the Chancellor of Germany, or failing to dance, trying to exit through locked doors in China, rumors on the internets, misunderestimation, and every time Jon Stewart did his awful but hilarious attempt at impersonating him.

I think George W. Bush will go down in history both as one of our worst presidents, and one of the defining personalities of our age.

Dick Cheney still scares the shit outta me though.

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Your post surprises me and makes me happy. When W was first elected you were extremely upset and I felt guilty, fearing I had imposed my political views on you so I'm glad you've moved past that. Personally I still would have to cross the street to avoid meeting GW Bush because I would probably try, in an incoherent, ineffective, frothing at the mouth manner to call on him to account for so may things he's done in the last 8 years.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at 9:12:00 PM PST  

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