Halloween Posse Roster:

Me: Elwood Blues
Carlos: Jake Blues
Samantha: Cave Woman
Mac: Firefighter
Marcel: Crossdressing in his persona as Mimi Prada
Tim: The Phantom of the Opera
Samantha: Unisus/pegacorn
Kyle: the Batman (a lanky, short kid in shorts, a Batman t-shirt, and the mask. He can do the perfect Christian Bale batvoice.)
Person Whose Name I Did Not Catch: Sarah Palin
Another One Whose Name I Did Not Catch: 1940s Dancer

Downtown is not especially thrilling. Essentially, the square is filled up by people standing about in costumes and police officers watching them (nevertheless, there’s a significant quantity of pot smoke). There were some extremely good costumes (which I shall list), but half the people are from out of town and think Halloween is a day when men dress up like usual and stand around leering at women in skanky novelty outfits.

At least a dozen Heath Ledger jokers. To their credit, about a third actually had the full suit or did the scarring with the makeup. The rest just slopped on some cheap makeup and threw on a trenchcoat.

A classic Caesar Romero Joker

Harley Quinn, pulled off beautifully by my floormate Sonia


Jack Skellington (on stilts)

Jesus, with giant cross and all

Halloween concluded with the movie Red Eye, which is excellent.

Forthcoming photos will all be blurry, due to my camera’s ineptitude with low light conditions.

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