Catherine: "I'm going to buy things with my phone."
Me: "There's all kinds of new ways to spend money in the Future!"
Catherine: "It's true!"

iPhones or similar will soon be indispensible when navigating cities like New York.

I learn that Marcos, Catherine's boyfriend and the one who found us the Brazillian place, is Brazillian himself (though the closest to a native New Yorker of our crowd). I wasn't able to hear over the music, but he was talking to the wait staff in the restaurant in Portuguese. His full ethnicity is Judeo-Polish-Brazilian.

All the color choices for Catherine's new bed are foods. Whose first reaction is 'can I get that in humus?' when upholstering?

Apparently the buses here have mobile wireless networks within them. If you're driving close enough you can steal the WiFi. WiFi Pirates of the American Freeways.

We pass the ultra-modern REXCORP building.

On both sides of the Long Island Expressway, the ATTRACTIONS - EXIT 51 signs are blank.

I give liverwurst a shot, and find it lacking. Its consistency is too much like, well, a liver.

There's an untouched, idyllic green field surrounded by deciduous forest by the highway. A sign notifies me it will be replaced by a gated community, the 'Hampton Club'. I have new reasons to hate the rich.

David: "See the sign, there? This town was originally settled in 1640 as 'Goodground'. 'We'll call it Goodground! Because the ground... is... good.' 'Right, that's brilliant, Lars!'"

It turns out there was a rain early in the morning in New York that closed down the subway system, ensuring everyone in the city was an hour late to work.

In Southampton, there is The Presbyterian Church. Not First Church of Southampton, or Our Lady of Consistent Flagellation Church, just The Presbyterian Church.

Saw another deer upon arriving at the Amagansett property. It was fairly unimpressed by our car and continued grazing.

It seems the Hamptons have no garbage services.

2 responses:

From their web site "The First Presbyterian Church of Southampton, NY is the oldest Presbyterian Church in America founded in June, 1640."

They didn't need an extra identifying name on their church, they had a monopoly (at least on this continent).

Wednesday, August 8, 2007 at 3:35:00 PM PDT  

Actually, it turns out we were in East Hampton when I spotted The Presbyterian Church. That they weren't the first makes it even more baffling.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007 at 7:52:00 PM PDT  

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