Day Three: Back in the Heat

I take back everything bad I said about New York's weather, even if it's capable of destroying their subways. Outside of the city it's even worse.

Here in the basement of the Amagansett house, it's a clear and cool 75ยบ, and I can feel almost human. Ascending the stairs is like stepping up into a jungle. I may have to fortify myself down here.

Thankfully, the Wii is also down here. I think I shall content myself gunning down Jerries in Medal of Honor.

There's a herd of four deer out in the yard. They don't seem to mind us a bit. Then again, we're about a hundred meters away. The 'yard' is more like a field.

David and Catherine are upstairs working out garbage disposal logistics. We plan to go to Turtle Crossing for dinner, which is a Southwestern place.


The bikes (which were in a cabin with a several centuries old table and a collection of early-20th century books, including such titles as 'How a Girl Can Serve Her Country'; hint - it didn't involve joining the military) had no air in the tires, and none of the eight air pumps around the place fit the tires, so we walked the fifteen minutes down to the beach.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if the ocean had influenced H.P. Lovecraft's writing. The sheer power and mystery of it. The way the foam of the waves splinters into miniscule grasping tentacles, its unyielding force. How it pulls away the sand beneath your feet as you stand. The way it razes all of what man makes in its domain, like a blind idiot god.

I found it much less terrifying and much more fun, however, and spent a good twenty minutes being flung around by waves.

Later I found salt crystals had formed in my nether regions and there are some painful rashes around where the hem of my swim trunks were. Still, well worth it.


Southwestern place turned out to be too crowded. Went to a Japanese place instead, formerly Mt. Fuji Restaurant, where Shirley Temples, eel, shrimp, avocado and dumplings were had. The female portion of the wait staff (ninety percent of it) wore stylish and functional short-sleeved kimonoid shirts. The whole staff was from Japan and had only a functional knowledge of English, and the food was excellent. It was there I realized my tendency to order things in restaurants they don't have at the moment (in this case, anything with bananas).


I'm currently doing last minute wiffle-waffling on whether I should stay here for a few days before going to Boston or head straight down there. I would go to Maine with my uncle for those few days, but I'd really rather avoid another ten hours in the car. If I stay here, I can go swimming some more in the ocean and try what restaurants I haven't. On the other hand, that might not be enough to fill up however long I'll be here and there's far more to do on my own in Boston. And I would like to spend some days alone to explore Boston. On the other hand, I do actually like having some company. On the third hand...

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